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 TID Ft Fid Q - Maisha ya Jela
 TID Ft Fid Q – Maisha ya Jela

This majestic song was recorded back in 2007, astonishingly, 3 days
after vacating those jail bars and bolts. What one must reflect on is
the fact that TID wouldn’t have been out of those daunting shackles if
it wasn’t for the pardon from the former Tanzanian president, His honorable Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete. The pardon was put to practice on
Independence Day/ Siku ya UHURU day in 2007. 

PRISON .. is a track full of sense of reality brought on by his true
experiences whilst behind bars. TID has described the pain, heartache,
frustration, not to forget the mental trauma he went through in prison
due to the severe penalties he faced during his jail sentence. Within
this song, he involved his long time friend “Fid Q” who he had been a
great connection 

between the outside world and prison life. Fid Q was
the assurance he needed during this difficult time. He found some form
of relief whenever Fid Q described how the public took and reacted to
his imprisonment. The idea of recording this song was brought about by
the CEO of Tongwe recs, Mr Junior Makame a.k.a J Murda’ .. However,
after the completion of the song, J-Murda, Fid Q and TID sat down and
decided not to release the song as of yet! You might wonder, ‘Why the
hesitation after going through all that trouble to construct it?’ Again,
we ought to remind ourselves that these aren’t just musicians, these
are young fellows who look beyond the lyrical features. These are people
who are caring and supportive to each other and to those around them. 

Their decision to postpone was purely based on their friend’s wellbeing.
They suspected their brother needed some time to adjust to civilian
life once again. On 13th of February 2017, TID appeared in the media
with a heartfelt apology to his family, relatives and friends for his
unjustifiable act of secret involvement with drugs. “I feel there is
more hope to a confessed sinner than a saint Conceited” We utterly
believe it is sensible and the right time to release this tune so that
it can help us and our nation, if not the world to reflect on the
tragedies one could find themselves in when associating with it

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